Short Description

A Deck-Building RPG Card Game where you venture down into the dungeons to slay monsters and collect treasure!

Story Description

Hrothgar the Barbarian is down on his luck until he meets a young scholar named Salazar. Together they journey to dark places to slay monsters and find treasure! But a dark threat looms on the horizon.

Basic info

Game name: Decks & Daggers
Team: Mikel Fick (Solo Game Developer)
Developer/publisher: Osarion
Developer location: Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Player(s): Single player
Playtime: 4-5 hours
Platforms: PC, Mac
Release Date: October 8th (Steam)
Language: English

Press Contact

Mikel Fick

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  • Slay monsters and collect treasure
  • Level up your hero and unlock new cards
  • Try different strategies by building your own deck
  • Meet interesting characters and complete quests
  • Travel the world map and unlock new locations

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